The team of the AFORMAC Europe agency had the pleasure to prepare the arrival of 8 young trainees from the Leeds City College (UK), aged between 17 and 18 years old, in Lyon as part of a vocational traineeship co-funded by the European program ERASMUS+. In this context, the students aimed at acquiring diverse professional skills but especially soft skills such as: adopting a professional attitude in the firm, learning to respect others and schedules, adapting to a different environment, etc.

Thus, during three weeks between April 8th and April 28th, these young trainees had the opportunity to develop humanly and to try different tasks through various jobs as a waiter in a restaurant that offers typical Lyonnaise specialties, as a seller/receptionist in a museum/theater, as an activity leader in a cultural center, as a seller in a souvenirs shop and as a versatile assistant in a fashion shop.

Facing the difficulties that the young trainees encountered, AFORMAC Europe had a role of guide so as to lead these young trainees to the success. The business telephone was available 24/7 in case of any emergency. AFORMAC Europe planned several follow-up meetings to receive feedbacks from the trainees about the atmosphere of the firm, their relationships with their colleagues, the tasks they had to implement. Three trainees had to change placement for different reasons. AFORMAC Europe found new placements in 1 day for the young trainees who did not manage to integrate properly their first hosting organization or because the atmosphere was not in harmony with their well-being.

Before the departure, the 8 young trainees were delighted and satisfied with their placements, although some of them found their traineeship a bit too long.

We would therefore thank the following hosting organizations for integrating trainees during 3 weeks and for transmitting their know-how. It will be more than useful for their future professional experiences:

  • Le Petit Musée De Guignol
  • FALE
  • Les Curieux
  • Elephant & Castle
  • À La Traboule
  • La Gargouille
  • Les Pampres Rouges
  • MJC Montchat

Many thanks also to the 8 trainees for their commitment as well as to the two accompanying tutors who came to ensure the students would be well integrated. It will be a pleasure to collaborate again with Leeds City College.

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