The benefits of mobility for our AUDACE students !

They have gained autonomy, independance. They have developped their professional network. They have discovered Europe, its cultures, they feel as European citizens now.  They are also more open-minded now. They learnt to know themselves, their limits, but most importantly what they are capable of.

They have all come back different. Sometimes it shows through a smile, or a relaxed face. They are all winning somthing out of this experience.

Some of them went back abroad, others realised that it can be difficult to be far from their relatives.  Anyway, they all could tell that mobility helped them, made them grow.

Some hosting companies happened to hire their interns, or managed to host them again in any other way. Some participants used their stay to network, get to know companies and have interviews to get hired and move in. For others, their inernational professional experience was simply a help to get back on the French professional market.

Congratulations Sarantuya! He has done his internship in Italy at the reception of City Hall and has just obtained a 6-month fixed term contract at the B & B of Montluçon!

Congratulations also Jugurtha who was offered a permanent contract by the restaurant Malvasia in Vicenza where he had done his internship as a cook!

AUDACE + goes on !

From September 2017, AUDACE + 2 allows all Job seekers from the region (with maximum Bac + 2 qualification) to apply for a 2 month placement in Europe. Find all the information on this website, or contact your local adviser (Mission Locale or Pole Emploi).

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