AFORMAC Europe team and its partners Euroform RFS (Italy), the University of the Balearic Islands (Spain), the University of Madeira (Portugal) and the hotel group named P.A.P Corp HOTELS S.A. (Greece) have been working together on the STET project granted by the Erasmus+ France Education Training agency for nearly 6 months now.

After the first transnational meeting in November 2017 in Lyon, a roadmap was drawn up and each partner wrote out an inventory about the Slow-Tourism in its country. We created a logo that represents our project (see image) and we’ve been preparing for the next meeting which will take place in April in the Balearic Islands.

Portugal carried out basic research about the E-Tourism which will be used to establish the future eponymous MOOC. The first draft of the Slow-Tourism MOOC is being completed in Spain and it will be approved during the next meeting. In Italy, the future Internet platform started. It is dedicated to these 2 training modules and to the future professional network. In Greece, a clearer vision of Slow-Tourism in the project members ‘countries is being built through the collaboration of the various partners. It will be used to establish a communication plan and to create the future vocational network.

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