Our history

Aformac Europe

AFORMAC has been implementing international mobility projects for its learners since 1988.

The creation of the agency AFORMAC Europe in 1994 reinforced its action. It intervenes on the learner mobility component for trainees in vocational training, and through innovations in pedagogical engineering.

AFORMAC also develops European projects dedicated to professional exchanges in vocational training and employment fields (trainers, employment / training advisors, business leaders and tutors…).

The AUDACE program in the Auvergne region (then Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes) since 2007 has enabled AFORMAC to place itself as the referent of mobility for unemployed people and vocational trainees in the region, being the main service provider of the Region for the learners ‘selection, preparation and the logistical and pedagogical organization of almost 400 internships in Europe (40 per year).

Since 2010, the fundamental innovation axis is the recognition of skills acquired in mobility and the development of the ECVET system, a European credit system for vocational education and training.

Over the years, AFORMAC has worked to develop solid partnerships throughout Europe to host and send formative mobilities and to develop pedagogical engineering.


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