Sending trainees in Europe

AFORMAC Europe’s role



Each year, AFORMAC Europe sends more than 80 learners and 10 trainers to training in Europe.
What do we do ?


  • Lead selection interviews to ensure that the mobility corresponds to the needs of the candidates and that they will adapt to the host country
  • Find the internship and accommodation through our local partners
  • Gather all necessary documents before departure
  • Make the link with the sending and receiving partners
  • Organize the departure. Ex: Booking airline tickets and insurance
  • Manage the budget
  • Prepare the candidates for departure: administrative, practical, pedagogical, cultural and linguistic (via OLS platform) items

During the placement


  • Telephone and email follow up throughout the internship
  • Management of the potential difficulties
  • Link between sending and hosting partners



  • Assessment report: Retrieve the internship reports and organize an assessment meeting
  • Deliver the European certificate EUROPASS Mobility
  • Lead a post-mobility follow-up (3, 6 and 12 months after)
Aformac Europe

Sending AFORMAC Group’s learners with FORCEMOB 2

FORCEMOB 2, what for ? : Work placement abroad

Where ? : In Greece or in the UK

How long ?: 3 weeks (20 days)

Watch out : Departure takes place on Sunday and return takes place on Saturday, for an internship from Monday to Friday

Aformac Europe
Aformac Europe

What are the objectives ?

  • Compare the techniques and functionings of companies from one country to another
  • Acquire new techniques or knowledges that do not exist in France
  • Have a difference, an added value on the CV compared to other candidates for a job
  • Improve communication skills (communication in a foreign language, non-verbal communication)
  • To exceed its limits, to open up to others
  • Improve his capacity for adaptation, reactivity, intercultural understanding

Concerned trainings :
The project is mainly open to training in the Hotel and Catering and Health and Social sectors, however, all applications can be studied.

Financial help

The grants are paid in 2 parts :

85% at the departure, the balance on the return, after receipt of all the documents.

It includes travel, transfer and on-site living expenses (accommodation, food, local transportation).

For Greece: 863 €
For the United Kingdom: 1010 €

Watch out : Insurance and accommodation costs will be deducted from the total, as AFORMAC directly pays these amounts to the partner in the destination country.

What obligations ?

  • Advance all travel expenses (payment 1 made the weekend of departure)
  • To be assiduous, punctual and reliable on the place of training
  • Keep all proof of transport and return it
  • Participate in the assessment meeting, complete the evaluation and return satisfaction forms

Note :

The FORCEMOB 3 project has the same objectives, and the same conditions, however, 2 grants will exceptionally allow a mobility of 2 weeks instead of 3 weeks.

To apply, talk to your trainer who will organize a meeting with the coordinators of AFORMAC Europe.

Sending AFORMAC trainers and prescribers


AFORMAC’s international strategy also aims to support professionals in the development of their skills or their network by enabling them to benefit from ERASMUS + European mobility grants.

The principle : To meet other companies, other training centres, to understand the working methods and the professional organization in Europe, to identify common points, to learn from our differences, to improve our practices and to develop our partnership network in Europe !

AFORMAC regularly accompanies tutors of companies hosting trainees, or wishing to host trainees, and its employees, in study visits to our international partners. We regularly organize visiting projects by sector of activity (Hospitality, Sanitary and Social, Digital …), to the United Kingdom, Greece, Germany, and according to the priorities of the year.

Funding generally covers travel and subsistence costs, depending on the destination and content of the visits.

For more information on upcoming planned European visits, contact AFORMAC Europe.

If you are not a learner from the AFORMAC Group: Be audacious !

The French word “audace” means audacity. With AUDACE +2 (AUDACE – Auvergne Developing and Acquiring Competences with Europe), you can do an 8-week internship in Europe. This project is financed by the European ERASMUS + program and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region.

Aformac Europe - Audace
Aformac Europe

What are the criteria for participation?

  • To be over the age of majority
  • Live in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region
  • To be a job seeker followed by a local Mission or Employment Centre advisor
  •  Have a training level of less than or equal to bac + 2

In short

AUDACE +2 offers 80 grants for 8-week work placements in 7 European Union destinations (Lithuania, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Portugal and Italy), and in multiple professional sectors according to your professional project.

Departures will be staggered between 2017 and 2019.

Why leaving ?

Professionals of vocational education and training who wish to develop the organization of European mobilities and / or European projects in pedagogical engineering or wish to improve their practices in this field.

How is it going?

      • Pre-selection by the Mission Locale or Pole Emploi advisors (employment advisors) members of the consortium
      • Selection interviews and confirmation by AFORMAC Europe, with the Region
      • Search for internships according to the wishes of missions and destinations
      • 3 days of Linguistic and Cultural Pedagogical Preparation before departure (administrative, logistics, financial)
      • Departures and returns in groups of 3 to 7 persons per country
      • 10 hours of language courses in the host country
      • Individual follow-up from the beginning to the end of the European mobility
      • Compulsory assessment meeting

What does the grant include?

The ERASMUS + grant covers the return travel from Clermont-Ferrand or Lyon, accommodation and food on site.

In addition to this, the Region supports language courses (about 10h in face-to-face depending on the demand).

AFORMAC Europe accompanies you throughout the project, finds the internship and accommodation, takes care of logistical and cultural preparation, takes responsibility for repatriation and civil liability insurance and delivers the EUROPASS Mobility, Official European document that recognizes and validates this experience.

The calendar

Next departures are already planned; contact your employment advisor to participate !

Flow 1

from October 22, 2017 to December 16, 2017
Countries : United Kingdom, Lithuania, Italy
End of selection: 28/08/2017

Flow 3

from March 25, 2018 to May 19, 2018
Countries: United Kingdom, Slovenia, Italy
End of pre-selection: 17/01/2018

Flow 2

from 11 February 2018 to 7 April 2018
Countries: Ireland, Italy, Spain
End of pre-selection: 4/12/2017

Flow 4

from April 29, 2018 to June 23, 2018
Countries: Ireland, Italy, Spain
End of pre-selection: the 23/02/2018

Other departures will be planned later.

For more information, contact your employment advisor at Mission Locale or Pôle Emploi, or download the AUDACE +2 brochure.

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