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Why choose AFORMAC Europe and France?

For over 20 years, AFORMAC has hosted more than 40 European trainees each year in France in Lyon, Montluçon and Vichy.

We develop a network of reliable families and hosting organizations and firms.

The satisfaction of beneficiaries is our priority.

Here are some testimonies of young Europeans who came to perform an internship in France collected in their assessment questionnaire :

My internship went very well. This experience has been very informative and interesting for me with the help of my colleagues and our tutor and I am sure this will be very helpful for my future.


16, from Italy, she did a 6-week internship in a MJC in Lyon in 2016

My chief had prepared a project to do with me and I liked it a lot. They were really nice to me, very available, but mostly very professional in their job, for me that’s what really matters. During my free time, I went out with my friends and we visited the town, which is really beautiful, we went to the malls, we even did sports (basketball). I liked it very much, I enjoyed everything and I am very pleased with that. I only want to say that this experience will remain in my heart for all my life and I thank all for allowing me to live it in serenity and in peace.


17, from Italy, he did a 6-week internship at a communication agency in Lyon in 2016

I improved my knowledge of the language and my communication with clients and colleagues. I also became more autonomous. This experience was very important to me.


18, from Italy, he did a 6-week internship in a hotel in Lyon in 2016

Our destinations

Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region

The three destinations proposed by AFORMAC Europe (Lyon, Montluçon and Vichy) are located in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. This region is located in the central and eastern part of the south of France; it covers 69,711 km2 and has 7,757,595 inhabitants. Lyon is the capital of the region.

The region extends over the Massif Central in the west and on the Alps in the east. Between the two, the valley of the Rhone unfolds. In the eastern half of the department of Ain, we find the south of the Jura massif, which also occupies a portion of the Isère and a small part of western Savoie and Haute-Savoie.

This region includes areas that are very different from each other, geographically (relief, climate), sociologically, economically or even culturally (regional languages, popular traditions).

More Informations :

Auvergne region
City of Lyon


Lyon is a town located in the southeast of France, at the confluence of the Rhone and the Saone. It is where the council of the Metropole of Lyon is located; the chief town of the arrondissement of Lyon, the departmental district of the Rhone and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region sits.

Lyon is in a situation of geographical crossroads, north of the natural corridor of the Rhone Valley (which stretches from Lyon to Marseille). Situated between the Massif Central to the west and the Alpine massif to the east, the city of Lyon occupies a strategic position in the north-south traffic in Europe.

Lyon, historically an industrial city, has hosted numerous petrochemical industries along the Rhone, named the corridor of chemistry. After the departure and closure of the textile industries, Lyon gradually refocused on high technology sectors such as pharmacy and biotechnology. Lyon is also the second student city of France, with four universities and several Grandes Ecoles. Finally, the city has preserved an important architectural heritage ranging from the Roman period to the 20th century through the Renaissance and, as such, the districts of Vieux Lyon, Fourvière hill, Presqu’île and Croix-Rousse slopes are inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, making it a popular destination for tourists from all over the world.

By its population, Lyon constitutes the third commune of France, with 506 615 inhabitants in the last census of 2014.

To know more:

City of Vichy


Vichy is a town located in the department of Allier. It has about 66,000 inhabitants.

Built on the banks of the Allier River, on the border of the plain of Limagne and the Bourbonnais Mountain; it is known since antiquity for its sources, it is a renowned spa.

Its waters are famous throughout the world (sources Vichy Célestins, Saint-Yorre), but the pastilles made from the mineral salts contained in spring waters are also famous.

The health and beauty sector, together with the laboratories of the L’Oréal group, also makes it possible to spread the name of the city to the world under the brand Vichy.

Vichy also attracts many tourists because of its history.

To know more:

City of Montluçon


Montluçon is a town located in the department of Allier It has 39 000 inhabitants and an agglomeration of 62 000 inhabitants.

Ideally located at the crossroads of the A71 (Paris / Montluçon / Clermont-Ferrand and Montpellier and Spain via the A75) and the West-East axis with the RCEA (Bordeaux / Geneva), Montluçon makes its geographical location a force.

The territory presents an industrial know-how but also on areas of high technologies.

Montluçon and its agglomeration are committed to diversifying the economic fabric: transformation of industrial wastelands, development of commercial, sports, cultural and leisure facilities of regional or even national scope (MuPop, Saint-Jacques shopping centre, La Loue Stadium, André-Messager Conservatory, Bike Park, Boulodrome …).

Montluçon also benefits from an important cultural heritage (medieval city, MuPop, etc.) which attracts many tourists.

To know more:

The on-demand services proposed by AFORMAC Europe

Work placement



AFORMAC Europe offers internships in all sectors of activity: hotel, restaurant, bakery, digital, sales, communication, social, accounting, administration, international relations, etc.

AFORMAC Europe carefully studies the placement objectives of the learners and makes contact with the companies in its network. AFORMAC and the host company prepare a mission statement. A training plan that matches the missions and objectives of the trainee is established.

A tutorial is set up within the company.

Duration of the internship: from 2 weeks to 6 months.

If you wish to host European trainees in your company

Document only available in French 

Accommodation and board



AFORMAC Europe can offer different kinds of accommodation and board depending on the destination city, the place of the internship (accessible on foot or by public transport) and demand.

Over the years, we have developed a network of host families that are committed to:

If you want to become a host family

Document only available in French 

  • Prepare the reception of the trainee before his arrival
  • Provide a personal space for the trainee (single or double room)
  • Welcoming the trainee and ensuring an adult presence of the family upon arrival
  • Speak French
  • Ensure the accommodation formula defined with AFORMAC before the arrival of the trainee (accommodation with or without half board or full board) and all services (laundry, internet access, etc.)
  • Offer the trainee to participate in the daily life of the family
  • Promote local cultural discovery (outings, visits to the region, gastronomy, etc.)
  • Allow time of freedom
  • Listening to potential difficulties
  • Maintain close communication with AFORMAC
  • Participate in dissemination activities

I spent 3 weeks in the city of Montluçon in which I enjoyed very much. I took part in a work placement in a resident home where I got the opportunity to work closely with the elderly who need extra care.

Whilst living in the city I spent my 3 weeks in a student accommodation in which I found very comforting and welcome. We got the opportunity to make our own meals which I found was great use to my future skills.

On weeks we visited the city centre of Montluçon where we decided to do shopping and other cultural experiences such as sight seeing and visiting the many different restaurants to try out the different french foods.

Overall I had a fantastic experience which has built my confidence massively and has widened my futures skills.


from United Kingdom, she did a3 weeks internship in a resident home in Montluçon in 2017

In a host family

Merhsa was very surprised because, at each meal, the host family offered her good red wine.

She laughed heartily and said : « this is how I recognize French people. They love wine ! In England, we do not drink wine ! »


A French friend asked me some time ago if I knew 2 English girls so that her 2 girls who are 17 and 19 years could correspond with them.

During the assessment meeting, I asked the group of pastry bakers; 2 girls responded positively and an exchange of mails was possible. Today, these 4 girls can correspond in complete safety.

In a host company

Every day, Abigaël left at 4am and walked for 20 minutes to arrive half an hour ahead of time at her work. She did a good internship in the company, and, during the follow up, when the employer offered her an apprenticeship contract, she was surprised, but I was not at all. She knows and has developed perseverance !

In a host family and company

Charlie was happy to taste all the dishes that his host concocted him. They prepared together French recipes and laughed. The young man went away happy with his experience. In his host company, the employer recognized his talents as a pastry chef and suggested that he joins the Compagnons du Tour de France (French mentoring network) because Charlie also wants to learn French. congratulations Charlie!

Testimonials collected by Odile DE REVIERE, volunteer at AFORMAC Europe, in charge of hosting in Montluçon.

Administrative procedures


AFORMAC Europe can take care of all administrative matters (eg signatures of agreements).

Organization of your travel


AFORMAC Europe can organize your travel and transfer from the station or airport to your accommodation.

French courses

AFORMAC Europe can offer courses in French as a foreign language with certified trainers for all levels, including professional French courses tailored to your field of activity.

Personalized follow-up

AFORMAC Europe welcomes trainees and follows them throughout their stay.

During the welcome meeting, we present the program of the stay and we organised a visit of the city. We accompany the learners to their host company on the first day of their internship and we introduce them to their tutor.

AFORMAC Europe also organizes a mid-term meeting and an assessment meeting at the end of the placement. The AFORMAC Europe team also helps the participants in case of difficulties (eg adaptation, health problem, etc.).

Cultural program

AFORMAC Europe can propose a program of touristic, sport and cultural activities on demand (ex: visit of the city, museums, gastronomy, etc.).

EUROPASS mobility

 At the end of your ERASMUS + internship, AFORMAC Europe will provide you an EUROPASS Mobility certificate signed by your host organization, which will identify the knowledges and skills acquired during your internship.


To learn more about EUROPASS Mobility :

You are a sending organization; contact us to establish a partnership for the hosting of your trainees in France !

Final assessment

At the end of the internship, we will carry out a final assessment with trainees, families and host organizations.

Become a host family

Your commitments

  • Prepare the reception of the trainee before his arrival
  • Provide a personal space for the trainee (single or double room)
  • Welcome the trainee and ensure an adult presence of the family upon arrival
  • Speak French
  • Ensure the accommodation formula defined with AFORMAC before arrival of the trainee (accommodation with or without half board or full board) and all services (laundry, internet access, etc.)
  • Offer the trainee to participate in the daily life of the family
  • Encourage local cultural discovery (outings, visits to the region, gastronomy, etc.)
  • Allowing time of freedom
  • Listening to potential difficulties
  • Maintain close communication with AFORMAC
  • Participate in dissemination activities

AFORMAC Europe’s role

  • Organize a welcome meeting
  • Provide you information about the participant before of his arrival
  • Contact you a few days after the arrival of the participant and keep in touch if necessary
  • We will compensate you financially according to the chosen formula (bed & breakfast, half board, full board)
  • Organize an assessment meeting
  • Organiser une réunion de bilan

Document only available in French 

Aformac Europe

Welcome a European trainee in your company

What benefits for your business ?

  • Galvanize your team by sharing experiences between your employees and European trainees in an intercultural and linguistic approach
  • Transmit your know-how and participate in the training of young people
  • Increase your reputation in the local economic environment
  • Develop your openness to the international market
Aformac Europe

The role of AFORMAC Europe

  • Establish a mission statement in connection with your company
  • Establish an internship agreement
  • Accompany the trainee on the first day of the placement
  • Make the link between the trainee and his tutor in your company throughout the internship
  • Conduct an assessment of the internship in relation to the company

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