Last April, all the partners of the European project STET including AFORMAC Europe (France), PAP Corp (Greece), University of Baleares (Spain), University of Madeira (Portugal) and Euroform RFS (Italy) met for the second time during a transnational meeting within the University of Baleares in Palma de Majorca (Spain).


During this meeting, the progress on our STET project was clear. It is a project co-funded by the European Union as part of the European program ERASMUS+. The STET project aims at creating a platform dedicated to the learning process and to the promotion of Slow-Tourism and E-Tourism. We have made great strides between the first meeting which took place in November 2017 and the second meeting which took place in April 2018. Indeed, huge progress was made on the development of the two courses (MOOCs) available online (background research work and development of the theoretic part), the communication plan was established and started to be implemented. As a result we could define new objectives for the completion of the two MOOCs for the next academic year.


Thanks to the work of our Greek partner on the communication and the development of the new webpage dedicated to introduce the project to the audience, we now start to communicate more intensely with the general public about the future Internet platform of the project.


During the meeting we also agreed on new objectives for the platform which will be totally functional by the end of 2018. Indeed, the first part, that is to say the home page introducing the project is now online, visit Slowtourismacademy: ( Next fall we will present you the “community” part of the platform in which the different operators of the Slow-Tourism will be able to exchange views and meet. In the meantime, the MOOCs will be integrated in the last part of the platform which is dedicated to e-learning and where they will be freely available.


Meanwhile, visit the Facebook pages of the Slow-Tourism France: ( and of the STET project: ( to follow the progress of the project.


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