In the framework of the European programme Erasmus+, co-funded by the European Commission, AFORMAC Europe had the pleasure to host a group of 12 young Italian young people coming from Sicilia to Lyon in order to do a 4 week-professional placement in the following fields: service and catering, administrative, accounting, marketing, foreign languages, etc. These young people were hosted in full board in hosting families so that they feel immersed in the French culture.

AFORMAC Europe spent with these 12 young people two mornings dedicated to the following topics: to adopt a professional behaviour in a firm, the French law concerning placements, the purposes of the placement and the professional and personal skills. The first two afternoons were dedicated to the visits of the hosting firms and of the city of Lyon in order to make the group get used to the public transports of Lyon.

Some trainees could have difficulties at the beginning of their stay for instance when a hosting firm withdrew the placement of a trainee in the company. Yet AFORMAC Europe keeps on finding a new placement in the shortest possible time, in this way the student integrated her new hosting firm the day after!

After 4 weeks of placement, the traineeships go back to Italy with a higher self-esteem. Real progress was noticed in their level of French, which is now better than at their arrival.

Thanks are due to the host families who took part in the exercise. AFORMAC Europe values open communication with the families to ensure ongoing well-being of the students but also of the family members, hence maintain close communication all along the mobility.

We would like to thank the hosting firms for contributing to these 12 young people’s self-accomplishment.

  • La Maison de Guignol (Theater)
  • Bureau Secrétariat Express (Corporate secretarial services)
  • Café Comptoir Abel (Restaurant of Lyonnaise gastronomy)
  • La Petite Académie (Art school for children)
  • Djemila Voyages (Travel agency)
  • Le Petit Musée de Guignol (Museum / Shop)
  • L’Institut Lyonnais (Language school)
  • EICLE (Ecole Internationale de la Culture et des Langues Etrangères) (Language school)
  • The Travelearner (Platform of creative tourism)
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