A new partnership in Germany

From 2nd to 5th May, an AFORMAC delegation visited Pforzheim, in Germany, to meet Carlo Schimd school (http://www.carlo-schmid-schule.de/), well known in the field of vocational training in various sectors and for its work in particular with target groups in difficulties and migrants. This project got the financial support of the OFAJ (French-German Youth Office: www.ofaj.org).

A series of visits to training centres (wood, textile, jewellery, metal, landscape, health and social).
Meeting with Carlo Schmid and Internationaler Bund’s trainers.
Creation of a program dedicated to a healthcare training group in Germany, in the fall of 2017.
Creation of a hosting program dedicated to a group of German people, trained in the Sanitary and Social, in March 2018!

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