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AFORMAC is a non-profit organization, specialist in lifelong learning vocational education, member of the French Vocational education federation (Fédération de la Formation Professionnelle -FFP). For more than thirty years, AFORMAC has been supporting various target groups: employees, young people, unemployed people, disabled workers, managers, seniors, etc. towards lifelong vocational education or career change.

AFORMAC has about thirty permanent formation centres located in four regions: Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Occitanie, Nouvelle Aquitaine and Centre Val de Loire.

AFORMAC Group created AFORMAC Europe to meet the challenges of a globalized labour market and the need to foster the recognition of Europeans qualifications.

Aformac Europe
Chairmans’s message

AFORMAC Europe is the AFORMAC Group agency dedicated to European mobility.

As an expert in the field of vocational training, AFORMAC Group has been supporting companies and employees, jobseekers, students and young people for their professional development for more than 30 years.

Our department AFORMAC Europe offers an international mobility service since 1988, open to all public.

International mobility provides real enrichment, adaptation to cultural differences, progression in a foreign language and the development of transversal skills: communication, computer science, knowledge of professional know-how and all or part of a French or foreign certificate or diploma.

At the end of your internship, you will receive a certificate from the tutor of your host company and a EUROPASS Mobility certificate.

This is our added value for an internship : a plus on your Curriculum-Vitae or an help for a student to graduate.

AFORMAC Europe team advises you free of charge, prepares you for an internship in a company in a European Union member State.

Live the experience! It will be a success.

Chairman of the AFORMAC Group

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AFORMAC Europe team

Pierre Courbebaisse

Pierre Courbebaisse

chairman of the AFORMAC Group

Marie-Noëlle DUFOUR

Marie-Noëlle DUFOUR

Director of AFORMAC Europe

Emmanuelle BOGRAT

Emmanuelle BOGRAT

European Projects Coordinator, Lyon

Ioanna Antoniadou

Ioanna Antoniadou

European Mobilities Coordinator, Clermont-Ferrand



/ Educational leader and facilitator of the Slow Tourism and E-Tourism network, Clermont-Fd




ERASMUS + work placement in Lyon, a great experience for young Italians

AFORMAC Europe hosted 8 high school students from Foligno, Italy, for a 5-week ERASMUS + internship. The young people were accommodated in hosting families of Lyon so they could discover the French culture. The objectives of their mobility have been achieved since...
Photo retour Audace juil 2018

AUDACE + 2: Back from internship in Europe

Congratulations to the trainees for these two months in total immersion: an internship at a water sports center in Valences, Spain an internship at a travel agency in Vilnius, Lithuania an internship for the organization of the Halloween festival in Cork in Ireland an...
STET final logo

The European project STET on Slow Tourism and E-Tourism in video

The project is advancing with a new Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/STETslowtourism/, where you will find all the news of the project and soon the setting on line of the website: http://www.slowtourismacademy.com / where you can find the MOOCs on Slow-Tourism...
Article bilan FORTES JUIL 2018

Catania explores Lyon!

In the framework of the European programme Erasmus+, co-funded by the European Commission, AFORMAC Europe had the pleasure to host a group of 12 young Italian young people coming from Sicilia to Lyon in order to do a 4 week-professional placement in the following...

A new group of young Italians starts their internship in Lyon with AFORMAC Europe

From September 4th to October 9th, AFORMAC Europe welcomes 8 Italian trainees, aged 17 to 18, and their teachers from central Italy. They are all in their last year of high school at the ITE Scarpellini of Foligno in the tourism sector.   They are welcomed in...

AFORMAC Europe hosting Italian trainees in Lyon

AFORMAC Europe hosts a group of 12 high school students from Catana in Italy from June 1st to July 6th in Lyon as part of the European program ERASMUS+. They will do a professional placement within a Lyonnaise firm or association in the following sectors: Hotel and...

When Leeds moves to Lyon

The team of the AFORMAC Europe agency had the pleasure to prepare the arrival of 8 young trainees from the Leeds City College (UK), aged between 17 and 18 years old, in Lyon as part of a vocational traineeship co-funded by the European program ERASMUS+. In this...

European project STET – Slow-Tourism and E-Tourism: Second transnational meeting

Last April, all the partners of the European project STET including AFORMAC Europe (France), PAP Corp (Greece), University of Baleares (Spain), University of Madeira (Portugal) and Euroform RFS (Italy) met for the second time during a transnational meeting within the...

AUDACE +2: Third departures in Europe

For this third flow of the European mobility program AUDACE + 2 (AUDACE - Auvergne Developing and Acquiring Skills with Europe), co-financed by the ERASMUS + program and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, 13 participants will be immerged in the European culture through...
Aformac Europe


ERASMUS + three-week professional immersion internships in York, England and Thessaloniki, Greece are coming to an end. Indeed, the two trainees, Eddy H. and Fita.D. were able to benefit from the FORCEMOB 2 grant (this project is dedicated to AFORMAC Group learners')...

AUDACE +2: New departures

In early spring of 2018, 14 job seekers and young people registered in la Mission Locale (French organism for youth employability) were selected to do a placement in a firm in 4 different countries of Europe. For this fourth departure in 2018, the participants will...

Hosting trainees from Leeds City College in Lyon

  Within the framework of the European programme ERASMUS+, AFORMAC Europe hosts a group of 8 students from Leeds City College (United Kingdom) from April 8th to April 28th in Lyon. They will carry out professional internships in companies in the fields of...

Slow-Tourism and E-Tourism, STET project is progressing!

AFORMAC Europe team and its partners Euroform RFS (Italy), the University of the Balearic Islands (Spain), the University of Madeira (Portugal) and the hotel group named P.A.P Corp HOTELS S.A. (Greece) have been working together on the STET project granted by the...

Hosting of Leeds City College’s tutors in Lyon and in Montluçon

From February 11th to February 17th AFORMAC Europe hosted 3 tutors from the Leeds City College (United Kingdom), which is a long-established partner of the association within the framework of its Erasmus+ European projects. The tutors are in charge of the mentoring,...

A successful first meeting on Slow Tourism and E-Tourism

A successful first meeting for the Slow Tourism and E-Tourism. 5 international partners + 5 French sustainable and participative tourism professionals = a successful meeting at "La Maison de l'Europe" the 23rd of November 2017! The international partners from Greece,...


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